Modular Platforms

Regardless of your drone, we design and build packages of tools affixed to what we call “Platforms” that are inserted below your drone’s arms, with devices and functionality appropriate to the specific mission at hand at that moment.  They can be customized to any situation.

What are they?

Mission needs

Marketers, Firefighters, Surf rescuers, Search & Rescuers, Law Enforcement, maintenance and construction roles have different needs, so we build-in suitable groups of functions that do what needs to be done.

For what situations?

Move beyond cameras

It’s time to put cameras in their place as part of an overall mission-specific payload and functionality:   Our packages of tools are targeted at usual missions (e.g. search & rescue, animal control, water-sampling, etc.), and can be customized to any need.

What are your needs?

Let’s go over this again

It is about moving beyond cameras to create a more useful drone investment.

We offer quickly-attached, interchangeable packages of tools that do mission-relevant things.

All this is done at the by mission-controller (probably not the pilot, who ought to be flying the drone).

There is not much about drone capacities, material-suitability, electronics, and robotics that we don’t know.

In 2016 we won an award at the InterDrone “Ideation” competition for our marine safety platform concept.

If you want something done that you think we haven’t considered, then we really want to hear from you!

Next Steps…

We’d like you to let us know what you are thinking about doing with your drone.  No cost.  No obligation.  We’ve probably heard it already and have some ideas for you (though ideas for drone usage are expanding exponentially).   This is where we get our ideas: From understanding your needs.

Call 203-399-7290 or write to Peter@DronesDoingThings.com and we’ll welcome your outreach.  Our work is independent of any drone maker.

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