Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here’s a smattering of the questions we’re asked…

The tools that are doing things: How are they  carried?

We refer to the things that carries the tools and the electronics “a platform “.  Platforms are staging areas doing things, like a diving platform, oil platform, or a software platform. It is easily attached under the drone.

What are the characteristics of these tool packages?

    • They are 100% independent of the drone itself
    • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials used throughout
    • Made to do what you want done
    • Often contain proprietary software
    • They are clever 🙂

Is this package of functions independent of the drone?

Yes.  We use our own tools, controls, transmissions, etc.

How does the set of tools go about “doing things”?

We recommend a person (who is not the pilot) hold our radio-transmitter that has 2 ‘joysticks’ and multiple switches that are labelled as to what they do.

Does it have its own power supply?

Yes, We use a relatively small battery of our own to execute tasks.

How much can they carry?

The manufacturer of your drone publishes payload weight limitations which dictate the maximum “all-in” takeoff weight.  Your choice of drone controls the amount and type of tools you can take aloft.

For example, what can a DJI Phantom 4 or a DJI Mavic carry?

DJI reports that these popular drones can’t carry much else besides their cameras.  Having said that, we have tested lightweight platform elements and they work as long as they are affixed below or to the side of the camera gimbal and on the Mavic you can already add a speaker.

How much do your Platforms cost?

They cost nothing for new customers in new markets.

We expect if you like the overall product, there are others who will as well, and then we’ll make it “a product” in that market that costs something.  And, you will have provided valuable feedback as we meet your needs.