Doing Things For Any Situation

Wildlife management wants to drop poisoned bait to reduce the population of feral cats in the US, who kill 2.4 Billion (yes, billion) birds each year.   The drone platform can take the bait to remote habitats locations and near dens without leaving a human scent.

Beach staff want to warn swimmers out too far or near rip tides, so they send the drone platform equipped with speaker and camera to warn endangered swimmers, quickly and safely.

Aid workers want bring a protein and water to families stranded in a flood on their roofs in a neighborhood.  Their Platform-equipped quickly gets to each house, releasing sustenance packages, marking each roof, providing assurances over a speaker and providing a walkie-talkie for emergencies.  Faster relief efforts.

Border security wants to accelerate both spotting and providing humanitarian aid to families crossing perilous terrain.  Now drones don’t just spot and record location, but provide water, food safety gear and instructions to stay put before a situation worsens.

Raging and rising floodwaters leave victims 100 yards away from safety.   The rescuer’s drone Platform delivers life-jackets, harnesses and unravels a sturdy line as it comes back to safety.  The line is secured.    The victims can now cross the floodwaters safely.