Doing Things For the Movement of Things

It’s not just Amazon who wants to deliver small things across an expanse.

Your factory needs a special tool delivered to Location #16.  That specific location is one of your many pre-set waypoints on your flight plans.  You load the tool take a pre-set route free of conflicting air traffic and lower it to a waiting hand.  Your platform allows you to see and hear everything as you act.

A piece of farm equipment shears a bolt in the field.  Within minutes, a new bolt and related wrenches, lubricants, lock-washers, are on their way out to your location at 65 feet per second, along with a nice fresh sandwich.

Your large distribution center needs more straps at bay 25, so rather than sending a person to get them at the other side of the 3-building complex and return, the supplies-drone and Platform fly out and around to drop them at the nearest door to the need.